Telemetry Measures

Thomas Motz Grothues

Douglas Zemeckis

Dewayne Fox

Research Questions

  • Do individual fishes of target species change shelf-estuarine habitat connectivity in response to cable routing?  
  • What is the residence time (mean and variation) of individual target fishes in the study area (construction and control area) before, during, and after construction? 
  • What is the area of core activity of individual target fishes in the study area before, during, and after construction?

Hydrophone deployment locations in inlets along the New Jersey coast. 1- Cape May Inlet, 2- Hereford Inlet, 3- Townsend’s Inlet, 4- Corson’s Inlet, 5- Great Egg Harbor Inlet, 6- Atlantic City Inlet, 7- Little Egg Harbor Inlet, 8- Barnegat Inlet, 9- Manasquan Inlet, and 10- Shark River Inlet. Hydrophones (attached image) were deployed on accessible piers, docks, or seawalls.

Cumulative ECOPAM glider survey path

Telemetry contacts with previously tagged fish made by the gliders integrated telemetry hydrophone